2011 April 6.
Thanks, reader. We'll do that soon.
I tried to figure out how to put this comment under the reader response below,
but Weebly makes it too confusing and I can't.  Sorry.
2011 April 4, latest revision 2011 April 6.
I haven't moderated an on-line discussion before, so please bear with me.
The Web service I use, Weebly, calls this a "blog", which seems to me the wrong word.

Dating system
Weebly won't let me use Metric dating in the line above this comment, but it's a free Web service, so I can't complain too much.
So the dating I chose is British dating, which is date, month, year ("04/04/2011").
I'll change to the superior metric as soon as Weebly lets me.
I'll add metric at the top of my comments (2011 April 4), when I remember.

Also, Weebly overall is not as clear and easy as their hype maintains,
not by a long shot.
My only consolation is that the other such services are probably as bad or worse.

Anyway, you can post a comment below, as one person has so far.
Apparently, though, the readers can't see the comments added by the public
unless they notice that little button called "_ Comments" in the upper right and then they click on it.